Training Program

The team at DiD Media believe every day is a school day, we are constantly pushing the boundaries within our creative limits.

Sharing ideas and knowledge is key to our progression.


Why wouldn't we want to share this ideology with others? Everybody owns a video camera in their pocket within their smart phone, why shouldn't they get creative?

Free training? Sign me up!

How it works

Our training works by providing access to media production for creatives. We collaborate with individuals who are at a cross roads in their career, whether this is a student debating whether or not to progress to higher education, or an individual who just wants to learn a new skill set. We believe in professional practice, real life mentoring and guidance, helping to creating a diverse portfolio and aid in personal confidence and development.


The production team will give you the knowledge, know how, and tools to excel in whichever project you choose to take part in, we are not teachers, and  we do not judge by academic grades. 


We work through real life practical projects with realistic goals, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt projects to full fill our trainees portfolio ambitions. We encourage our trainees to get stuck in with any part of a project, whether it be from pre production, production or post .


Having media professionals on board, we are here to inspire the next generation of creatives, with government cut backs in the arts, most young adults haven't been given the opportunity to express their creativity through the arts, and this is what we aim to change.


We are mentors exchanging skills to work on meaningful projects with like minded passionate individuals.



How can you learn a new skill if you do not have access to the tools you need to get the project off the ground?


Camera equipment is becoming more affordable by the day, however its still not cheap. We tackle these issues by giving the tools to complete a project, if that is a camera and some lens's, to a fully equipped editing computer.


We also use the time spent with trainees to build their network, so they will know who to approach for further advice, mentoring or pitch ideas.

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