As the internet has evolved, we are moving into a video first world. 

Having a combined experience in many different forms of media production, the team at DiD Media can offer tailored productions to suit the needs for your project. 

What do you need?

Whether you are a small business looking for content to fill your social media channels, or a start up business looking to create a hub of content, the team at DiD Media have it covered, we believe in creating & delivering impactful storys to drive the message for the brand in hand.

PR & Communication

Businesses and brands are now aware that video content is a powerful tool, and that they need it, but they often misunderstand what their message is and how they can communicate this with their desired audience.


At Did media we develope these messages to get to the core of what the purpose the video strategy will be used for.


Are you looking for your Hero product to launch to the masses? 

Hero content is a new a term used for an attention-grabber video that companies use in order to reach a broader-range mainstream audience.


This type of video can work to spike awareness about a timely subject – so you may comment on the latest news with a short 30 second clip.

Live Streaming

Since the start of the pandemic, live streaming services such as Zoom have had customer growth increased a massive 376%, there is no doubt the world is moving in a different direction, online, for the better or the worst live streaming is now with us for good.


Whatever your live streaming needs are, the team have professional cameras and mixing equipment to get the job done.

Content plays a crucial role in achieving business and social media objectives such as brand recognition, thought leadership, audience engagement, and lead generation.


It allows you to cement your position as a go-to destination for your customers, whether it be for entertainment, education, or inspiration.

Social Media


Video is the most effective way to communicate with an audience due to its communication power.


By using video to build brand recognition, corporations have more control over the message and generate more engaging than with any other content format. Similarly, when customers recognise a specific brand, loyalty is easier.

With all of the different methods of entertainment available today, such as movies, theatre, music and Youtube, you may have asked yourself, “How have podcasts become so popular?” “Where did they come from?” and “What is their purpose?”.

Podcasts are a great marketing tool for many reasons. They create a repetitive touchpoint for your customers. Whether you’re selling a specific product or using the podcast as a platform to sell multiple items, it can work wonders for your sales.


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